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Sound's Like...

Max Zippel, a composer-musician-senior arranger, discovered his passion for music through visual arts.


After studying and teaching graphic design, photography and video at Paris 8 University, Max launched the progressive electro / rock group ‘Concorde’, a project which led him to tour widely. 


During this chapter of his music career, Max continued working in visual arts designing graphics and video for the world of luxury fashion, for brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Piaget, and others.


Most recently, Max’s main focus has been his young solo project ‘Max Future’, which has created opportunities for collaboration with both Netflix (YOU, Iron fist (Marvel)) and North Face (creating the soundtrack for their upcoming campaign ‘Future Light’).


One of Max Zippel's main strengths is his ability to adapt to different projects. Whether it is the creation of the full soundtrack for the short film "Calanques" (entirely recorded on guitar in Andalusian hues) - or the podcast project he is currently creating with the House of Dior, combining minimalist electronic music and neo-classical melodies - Max brings agile imagination to the creative process.

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